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Ollie Stephens

Questions: This seems to be one of the most frequently asked questions on podcasts and social media.

Why train other people to do something you can do?

Isn’t it more advantageous to keep the secrets and charge through the roof because you are known to do the best work?

Answer: Hey, yeah this is something that seems to really rock people.

I think we are living in an age of unhealthy competitiveness. Keeping up with the jones’s, being better than the jones’s, having a bigger company, better car, bigger boat… you know the list goes on.

The thing is this mentality breads a huge amount of secrecy & dog eat dog mindset. I have noticed this in construction during my career.

It can be a very ego driven space.

It’s human nature to want more and better and I’m not saying its all bad by any means, we need it in order to keep us going and engaged with our future 100% but I also believe it is to blame for the mental health crisis the building industry is facing.

The space that I am now in is having a small but positive impact on the people I get to work with in person and train online.

The fact is, “knowledge is power” YES!

I am not scared of more people having more power in the space of Architectural Concrete. It doesn’t take away from my skill or earning capacity.

What It does is pass it on to other people who want to learn what I do!

No one loses, I love seeing things done properly and knowing they will be there potentially forever.

So, I’m going to keep sharing, keep training and keep building a place where anyone can come and learn skills to build luxury spaces.

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