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About Architectural Concrete


​With design and quality at the forefront of absolutely everything we do, we are Australia’s top firm.

10 years in the Architectural concrete game and over 800 projects complete we are some of the pioneers of the architectural concrete movement that is taking the world by storm. Our work speaks for itself.

There isn’t a single concrete job we can’t handle.

We have seen many other companies come and go over the years and the main reason is because they don’t have the one thing that we have… PASSION and a desire to complete works to the highest possible standard.

We constantly get calls and emails from people who have had works done by other so called experts that needs to be ripped out and replaced at great cost and stress to the client.

We guarantee you will get the best possible results the first time.


Concrete is the single most used building product in the world! Its popularity amongst Designers, Builders and Architects has meant that it is now being used and specified for not only outside the home like BBQ benches, outdoor dining furniture, floating concrete steps as well as other architectural concrete pieces but inside the home as well for polished concrete bench tops, fire place hearths and even bath tubs and sinks.

It is a product that not only allows designs to be complex but works can be completed to specification onsite.

Concrete has a unique finish and texture, it varys in colour and provides the perfect contrast against perfect manufactured surfaces and finishes.


Each job is priced individually. It is based on the complexity of the design as well as time and the cost of materials and labour.

For any further info contact us via phone or email.


Concrete is a porous product meaning it is susceptible to staining. There are many sealers on the market and they all claim to be the best. We have done the hard work and only offer you the very best when it comes to concrete sealers. Although you will need to keep your concrete clean and try to clean up stains and spills sooner rather than later.


Just like granite and marble concrete corners and edges can chip if struck hard enough or crack if spans are poured at great distance.

Concrete starts off in a liquid state and dries incredibly hard in just a few hours. This means most of that moisture in the concrete will evaporate. If the concrete dries out to quick small hairline cracks will appear on the surface. These are not structural rather cosmetic. It is simply the product we are using. This is more likely to happen when the weather is hot in the summer months.

Concrete is just like any other stone product it is susceptible to cracking around voids and cut outs. We make sure these areas are heavily reinforced so if this occur’s it is not a structural issue. Hairline cracks can sometimes appear as the concrete drys and loses moisture. We have products and systems that help eliminate this problem.

About Architectural Concrete​
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