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Kylie Stephens

Question: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start out or wanting to propel their Concreting or Landscaping Business?

Answer: Running a successful concrete business in 2023 requires a proactive approach that combines traditional principles with innovation and adaptability. By embracing sustainability, staying updated on technology, prioritizing quality control, fostering strong relationships, investing in marketing and branding, and diversifying your offerings, you can position your concrete business for growth and long-term success. Remember, the construction industry is dynamic, so it’s crucial to remain agile and continuously seek opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Question: What is the best way to get my name out there?

Answer: I have two words for you Social Media! Social Media is an incredibly valuable tool to engage with potential clients, trades and suppliers.

Specifically for finishing trades, to see the transformation of a space whether it be interior or exterior projects. In my experience most clients can’t envisage the project without plans, renders or phots of projects you are drawing inspiration from.

This is why it is an absolute must to get on instagram/Facebook and start engageing with genuin content and work you have completed.

I like to think of it as a free host working as our portfolio.

Question: Running a business takes up so much time as it is, how much time do we need to spend on socials?

Answer: Honestly, 10 minutes a day is enough. Don’t take it too seriously. Start your portfolio/grid as soon as you have the pictures of your work. If you only have time to post images, do that. It’s so easy to go back later and add your copy and hashtags.

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