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How To Get The Perfect Concrete Design Mix For Your Projects… - All With ONE Unusual "Loophole"

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🤙🏼 Ollie Stephens 

📍 Cabarita Beach, Australia

After you read this page, (in its entirety) you will be so stoked for what you’ve found…

This will be the most exciting thing you’ve stumbled across on the internet today.

Here’s why:

I’m going to reveal . . .

An Unusual “Loop Hole” to Creating The Best Results With Your Concrete Mix (That Most People Don't Know About!) 💯


When you “hear” it, it’ll all make sense!

But when you “know” it, a perspective will have opened up for you.

It will spark a  shift for you to . ⚡

But before we continue, let me introduce myself…

Hi! My name is Ollie Stephens. . .

I’m a concreter and course creator from Cabarita, Australia. 

And, up until a few years ago, business (and life) was hard.

I was in frustrated in my job, and that was increasing a little bit more every month.

I worked really hard, but my income never grew.

With mounting expenses and constant “fires” to put out, I was living with endless stress and felt like my world was crashing down around me. 

Other guys working in the trades seemed to be living an amazing life.

Then there was me… getting nowhere and feeling further and further frustration . 😔

I wasn’t living, I was surviving – from one challenging day to the next.

But then something happened that would change everything in my business (and life) from that day forward.

I discovered a business “secret”. 

I uncovered the mystery – and a new world appeared before me. 

And the secret came to be in TWO words.

Architectural Concrete.


See just like you, I searched YouTube and asked the “gurus” about their BIG projects, and their solutions for architectural concrete…

I tried these things, too! Without success!

But the revelation of those two words CHANGED EVERYTHING.

I realised I didn’t need to learn more…

I needed to go HANDS ON!

So I started with some little project at home.

And within the first 5 days, I was only only getting the hang of it. So I was disappointed.

But during the next months that followed, my skills began to grow. Rapidly.

In fact, I went from struggling, exhausted and long commutes, to launching my business and loving my work.

To me this was magic! 💯

I created the secret method to concrete mixes done right every time.

And I want to GIVE you that EXACT method right now…

It’s called:

"The Mix Method"...

It works like this:

You get your hands-on a series of concrete design mix’s.

Then you practice on your own property, or friends and family. 

You nail your techniques and offer your local area your services.

Discovering the “design mix” method is truthfully…

The most solid skill for any concreting project!

And the mix method is outlined in my brand-new book called:

“Concrete Mix Design Secrets: The Undercover Guide For Creating Optimum Results On Your Projects Every Time “


Concrete Mix Design Secrets The Undercover Guide For Creating Optimum Results On Your Projects Every Time

So, if you’re ready for SIMPLE, SOLID (ALMOST FOOL PROOF) success… 

You can stop “looking” … because you just found it.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting:👇🏼

Concrete Mix Design Secrets
  • NEWStep by step method that no one is teaching! (Literally, what I’m about to give you is the OPPOSITE of what the “gurus” tell you to do!)  Page 5.

  • ​IMPORTANT! The SIMPLEST way for Landscapers and Concreters to turn their skills into side-hustle material.(get ready for your biggest leg-up for your side jobs!) 

  • The BLIND SPOT that stops most tradies from (almost immediate) success! When I fixed this, EVERYTHING CHANGED! Page 5. 

My PROVEN mix for structural success.. (to use on driveways!) Page 8.

  • My personal technique for different concrete projects.. the EASY way… (say goodbye to searching the internet for answers!).
  • The simple approach to setting up your mix properly the first time – do this right and save yourself the trouble

My secret “mix design” method for creating a proven finish on Architectural Concrete Floating Stairs! Page 10.

  • Creating an architectural concrete is only for the pros, right? WRONG! Learn my simple “mix design” method for creating your first (or next) architectural project at home! 

  • AUTOMATION: The simple loophole I use to get the most consistent mix every time regardless the job (and it’s not what you think!)

  • The EXACT mixes that will fast track your projects and generate unprecedented growth (no matter how big or how small your company is right now!)

FREE: TWO Exclusive "Concrete Hacking" Bonuses!

At the end of this book, you’re getting two powerful free bonuses that you can start using TODAY:

BONUS 1: Concrete "Look Book" to give you inspo and info (ideas for your own projects or for clients with my mixes!).

Concrete Look Book

If your first thought is, “I have no idea where to start” 🙅‍♂️… DON’T WORRY! 

That’s exactly why I put this lil bonus together for you.

I’ve already worked out the “how” so all you have to do is check out some past projects and start thinking about where you can execute these projects for yourself.

…and trust me… you will be shocked at how simple it is.

The inspo outlined in this bonus will focus on helping you make decisions on how you can use architectural concrete.

So the moment you’ve checked this out.. I’m sure you’ll know EXACTLY what you want to do.

Everything you need to start creating a fun, highly converting, and engaging “little product” is right inside this bonus and. . .it’s yours, FREE!!!

Here’s a few of the things you'll find inside:

  • Exactly what mix I use to create that “white-washed” concrete look

  • The behind-the-scenes info on mixes I’ve used on my most popular jobs

  • Insider information into exactly the mix I use on my most requested floating concrete stairs

plus, you’re also getting…

BONUS 2: My Quick List For Concrete Color Chart (get my entire color chart list for all mix color requests!).

Concrete Color Chart

One of the biggest hurdles of any architectural concreter starting out can be have a color chart. 

How do I know this?

Because I’ve personally been there.

…and trust me… you will be shocked at how simple this will make it for you!

The inspo outlined in this bonus will focus on helping you make decisions on how you can use architectural concrete.

And since I’ve done HUNDREDS of jobs for over a decade with architects, builders and clients requesting specific colors…

That’s why I’ve compiled My Quickest For Concrete Color Chart

So if you’re ready to launch your own concrete empire, but this kind of stuff intimidates you…

I’ve got you covered.

Here’s a few of the things you'll find inside:

  • Pure-White Concrete Mix

  • Plain Grey Concrete Mix

  • Midnight Black Concrete Mix

  • Off-White Concrete Mix

  • and so much more…

Here’s what to do next. .

This investment in your business will only cost $6, and you’ll receive the book download and access to all your bonuses instantly via email. You can access your book and bonuses anytime, anywhere, and you have lifetime access to all the content! Oh, and in case you’re wondering. . .


If you’re thinking, “$6 is cheap. . .what’s the catch?” I’m happy to put your mind at ease.

I simply LOVE offering awesome deals just “because I can.” 

My goal is to over-deliver SO much that you’ll want to continue learning from me in the future!

So it’s a WIN-WIN! 😜

That being said, there is ONE more thing to keep in mind. . .

Time is of the essence!

Here’s why. . .

YES! I want to help you GROW your business. . . or complete those DIY projects with ease!

But at the same time I can’t give away all my best secrets this cheap for much longer

If this page IS still here, then the offer is live, and honestly it costs me a lot more 💰 to run ads so that you can find this book.

Like I said, this is a VERY limited offer.

Oh – one more thing, I can’t forget to mention. . .


Concrete Mix Design Secrets The Undercover Guide For Creating Optimum Results On Your Projects Every Time

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me 🙃) who just skips to the end of the page, here’s a recap:

I’m giving you my brand-new book, Concrete Mix Design Secrets: The Undercover Guide For Creating Optimum Results On Your Projects Every Time.

A short, yet powerful book that outlines NEW concrete strategies that will transform your business if you apply it (just like it did for me)!

All you pay is a measly $6.00

**** Plus, you’re also getting TWO bonuses:




I’m giving you these as free bonus gifts because I want you to be able to implement what you learn in the book immediately . . .

And get results in the FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE!

There are no gimmicks.

How’s that for fair? 

You may want to hurry, though! This is truly a limited offer that won’t last. 


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