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Ollie Stephens
Business Director, Concreter, Trainer and Speaker


“Discover the Concrete Artistry of Ollie Stephens, Owner of Hungry Wolf Studio”

From Construction Expert to Concrete Visionary

Ollie’s Creative Journey

Step into the world of architectural concrete with Ollie Stephens, the creative force behind Hungry Wolf Studio. Originally hailing from Melbourne, Ollie has seamlessly transitioned from a successful career in construction to become a leading name in the art of transforming spaces through concrete craftsmanship.

Ollie’s professional journey commenced at the age of 18, managing large-scale commercial sites across Melbourne. After years of overseeing high-end residential and commercial projects, an enlightening moment sparked a desire to explore the artistic potential of concrete, leading to the birth of Hungry Wolf Studio. Over the past 15 years, Ollie has become a trailblazer in Australia’s architectural concrete scene, collaborating with esteemed architects and landscape designers to breathe life into spaces.

Now based in Northern NSW, Ollie brings a touch of coastal sophistication to his projects. However, geographical boundaries don’t limit his creativity, as he is known to travel for the right projects, ensuring that excellence knows no bounds.

Hungry Wolf Studio specializes in crafting architectural elements such as floating stairs, firepit seating areas, in-situ tables, benchtops, and countertops. Notably, Ollie’s work boasts seamless concrete countertops, eliminating visible joins and allowing for unparalleled customization to meet clients’ unique specifications.

With the ban on engineered stone from July 2024, the timing couldn’t be better to engage Ollie’s expertise. Architects, designers, and homeowners are turning to Hungry Wolf Studio for innovative and sustainable concrete solutions. Ollie’s commitment to doing things right the first time perfectly aligns with the growing demand for enduring and eco-friendly design choices.

Beyond his studio work, Ollie is passionate about sharing his knowledge. He has established an online training school for those eager to incorporate architectural concrete into their skill set. Guided by the mantra “Do it once, do it properly,” Ollie instills this ethos in the next generation of concrete artisans.

Embark on your next project or plan ahead by collaborating with Ollie Stephens at Hungry Wolf Studio. His dedication to concrete craftsmanship, combined with a commitment to excellence, ensures that each creation is a timeless masterpiece that transcends expectations.

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